About Us

Eed be Eed, which means 'hand in hand' in Arabic, was founded in September 2016 by a group of both locals and refugees. Our mission is to build bridges of communication between newcomers and German society, offering opportunities for equal and effective participation. We empower artists and journalists by creating accessible spaces to express their creativity and amplify their community-based voices.

Over the years, we have launched various projects, including a monthly print magazine, workshops for young people interested in arts and journalism (in Arabic, English, and German), and cultural events promoting diversity and intercultural exchange.

We are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages active civic engagement and promotes social cohesion.

Our Team 

Ahmad Denno

Co-founder & Executive Manager 

Dora Csala 

Co-founder & 

Mohmad Nannaa

Co-founder &
Managing Director

Nafee Kurdi 

Co-founder &